Good old Germany

I AM HOME!! :)


Flight was smooth - everything went fine. Except for the fact that the food wasn't enough!!! Am in Dubai now heading on to Duesseldorf soon. It's a strange feeling coming home after 8 months. I got so used to going to new places, exploring and being on my own. Nonetheless I'm really looking forward to you guys - friends and family! But oh well.... I have to go travelling again. The experiences are just great!!! Of course after having a great time with all the "left behinds".

Had a good chat to an American fella on the plane. He worked in Germany for the Army for a few years and wants to move to Thailand. Talked a lot about paying too many taxes, living costs in different countries, things like that. Sometimes I was close to tell him to please stop because I'm just about to study and would like to have some "childish" optimism in my future. :)

Well, catch ya soon guys!

PS: Theme song U2 - Beautiful Day

Koh Samed

Gotta go to bed soon. Theme: One night in Bangkok. :) And then I'll be BACK! So enjoy the time that I'm still away as much as possible. You might regret it once I'm back!!!! =P

Anyway, I wanted to write a brief entry about my last two days: I went to Koh Samed, an Island in the eastern part of the gulf of Thailand. As I said, this Thai girl joined me. Or more.... Thai woman. Really nice! What wasn't nice at all was the fact, that Thais pay 20 Baht to enter the Islands and everyone else 400. If we would do that I think we would be considered racist. But oh well....
To cut it short: The water is too hot to cool you down. I so looked forward to swimming and getting a refreshment but with about 30 degrees celsius the water is more lukewarm than refreshing. =D What about you back home, aye? 30C water temperature?!?! Or maybe... less?? Anyway. At night a really good band was playing. Heaps of fun! And today I went scuba diving twice. It cost me about 80 - 90 Euro. For TWO dives - boat dives to be correct, all equipment provided and since there was no one else I had the divemaster for myself. Afterwards I even got lunch.... oh and not to forget the really good pineapple on board in between the dives. The fish are much more colourful than in Kaikoura. No wonder, considering the temperature. =) Saw many different schools of fish. Lots of them swim in tight packs and follow a certain line so that you get the impression of a fish highway. ;) Really cute! Unfortunately I didn't have a cam I could've taken underwater. Just imagine nice blue, yellow, blue-yellow, black-blue... fish. Not too colourful though but hey, blue and yellow is quite cool anyway and compared to Kaikoura I'm improving with the speed of light! Last but not least I saw some Nemos. :) Great experience overall with some less nice parts like: Rubbish on the beach and really crappy roads on the Islands. Charging 400 Baht per "touri" you might think that the improve the roads... but no way. Compared to those roads every backcountry road in New Zealand is a dream!!! And the environmental awareness isn't that great either. I thouhgt that at least a divemaster would care. But what did he do? Threw the empty water bottle over board straight into the sea. Yeah, right... Unbelievable.

But anyway. My bed desperately needs me and I don't want to keep it waiting any longer.

Have a good one and see ya soon - LITERALLY!
That's a menace - if you could put it that way. :)

PS: I even got around to play some Beachvolleyball. Something NZ couldn't offer.
PPS: Here's some more on Thai Tourist culture. I lost track counting the numerous times I've already heard "tuck tuck" "hallu" "miss" "taxi?" and most of all "WHERE YOU GO?" As if I would tell you. You might send your uncle to sell me gem stones or jewellry. No thanks!

Fried AnnA with rice, please!

Today I've been to Ayuthaya (?!). It's an old town and was really important and had great influence in the past days when trading was 'fashion'. ;) On the train (what was an adventure for itself) a monk talked to me. And when a monk starts a conversation you have to reply otherwise it's really unfriendly. It was quite funny and I didn't understand 80%. Feels ridiculous to ask ten thousand times if he can repeat it please but anyway. Obviously he wasn't to annoid since he gave me lots of his chipslike thingy... dried something. Whatever! Really nice. Present from a MONK. =D
I got myself a bicycle for the day and had good fun. I took tons of pictures and successfully missed the Grand Palace! =D But hey, how great can a Grand Palace be if you miss it. Or my orientation is just crappy but I wouldn't say so. Hence it must be the size of the "Grand Palace". But everything else was really nice! So that made up for the 'great' palace. And something else happened to me. I got fried - big time! I'm red as!! You won't believe it. It was burning hot today... great humidity - and me on the bike. Yes. The suncream didn't really make any difference since it got "washed" away by the sweat as soon as you would apply it to the skin.
Another highlight was the ice I had in Ayuthaya. The woman completely misunderstood me so I ende up with an ice instead of a drink. But it was sweet as! One of the best I've ever had. Amazing! And while I'm eating away I realized that I was lacking a great deal of common sense here. The ice was crushed and came from a suspicous looking freezer and was probably made from tap water - no go. Ooooops!! I won't die. And it was so good that I didn't stop anyway. ;)

Who ever said, that Thai people are absolutely friendly must have been mistaken - at least partly. If you're not interested in buying their stuff and you say no politely they might get really angry or shout at you. It happened to me that a girl, after I tried Shirts on and decided that they just don't suit me, threw something at me while I was walking away... crazy aye?

And besides that the language barrier is even worse. Picture this: "Do I have to turn right here to get to Victory Monument?" "Yes, yes." "Because on the map it looks like a left turn..." "Yes, Yes." "So do I have to turn left or right?" "Yeeees, yes." "KK. Gotcha!" :) Therefore I don't bother with adjectives or anything else anymore but stick to basic nouns and hand movements. Maybe a verb if absolutely necessary. You can imagine how stupid I feel when surprisingly someone responds in quite good english. =)

Tomorrow I'm going to Ko Samet, an island, to enjoy rather the beach than sunshine - after my frying session today! Might do some diving, if there are no sharks!!! Who knows. I even got company. Talked to a girl in the guesthouse I'm staying at because she's been there before and gave me directions. Because she's so keen on going too she'll join me tomorrow. And she's going to a party tomorrow night on Ko Samet so my evening entertainment is on. Booyah!!!

Catch ya later guys!


So so, this is what I wanted to show some people for quite a looong time. This is my best portrait ever and I'm really proud of it. It's only a small version but you'll get a good idea of it anyway.

By the way - the original remains in NZ. My fist drawing out of Germany, yes! :)


One night in Bangkok

DA SIND AMEISEN IN MEINEM BETT!!! Das war das erste oder eher zweite was ich heute morgen festgestellt habe. Das erste war: Uui ist es warm! Gestern abend um 2h nachts angekommen und da sagen die 29 Grad Celsius Aussentemperatur an. Och noe!!!

Lustig ist, dass mcih ein Englaender angesprochen hat, ob wir uns ein Taxi teilen wollen und er dann auch hier im Hostel uebernachtet hat und da er Bangkok schon kennt wird er mir heute mal was zeigen. Hoffentlcih meint er das auch so, wie er das gestern gesagt hat. ;)

Bangkok ist einfach RIEEEEEEEEEESIG!!! Und fuer eine Taxifahrt fuer die man zu Hause ein Vermoegen blecht gibt man hier so 4-5 Euro aus. Yes!!!

Ich mach mich dann mal auf Erkundungssuche und vor allem ESSEN! Da bin ich jetzt richtig heiss drauf. Thai Essen, yummy!!! Und dabei werd ich mir den Ruecken wohl die ganze Zeit kratzen. Ich glaube das kommt von den Ameisen... aber man kann ja nciht alles haben. Ausserdem ist das ja auch ne Nahrungsquelle, wenn alles andere schief laeuft. Hab also ausgesorgt. =D

Hanna, sorry ich haette drauf reagieren sollen. Ich hab mich aber jedesmal ueber deine Beitraege gefreut du treue Seele! =)
Moni ja, der Anruf kommt.

Musik Tipp: Jet - Shine on

Again ;)

I'm waiting at Sydney Airport and thought I could just write some random comments. =)

Lots of flights going to Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton today. I think I'm on the wrong plane.... heading directly the opposite direction. But oh well, gotta go home, aye?

This is the first time that I've arrived at the airport uber on time. Well, there's always a first time, right.

Oooops, the queue is getting longer and since I'm only writing random things I should leave it to the others and their serious business. Shall they save the world! =P

On and on

Danke Manuel und Laura fuer eure Beitraege! Habe etwas Angst wie es in Thailand wohl sein wird... wegen politischer Lage und so. We'll see...

Jetzt noch eben duschen und packen, dann geht es auch schon wieder weiter. Ich komme um 1h nachts in Bangkok an. -.- Nicht grade ideal. Und ob ich im Flugzeug schlafen kann.... ich guck doch viel lieber die Filme!! =D

It's raiiiiiiiiiiiiining....

... No - actually it's pouring down! It's raining cats and dogs.

Some Sydney Pics here and some older NZ ones here.

Opera House und Harbour Bridge

Sunrise Eastcape


Bis ich im Flugzeug war hab ichs echt nicht gerafft, dass die Zeit in Neuseeland vorbei ist! Weg... ich verlasse Neuseeland. Auf der Startbahn dann hat auch alles nachdenken das Flugzeug nicht zum Anhalten bewegt. Verdammt!
Tjoa und jetzt bin ich in Sydney. Hatte gute Unterhaltung "Bridge to Terabithia" oder so, echt suesser Film, Greys Anatomy, Scrubs, Friends... was will man mehr. ;)

Bin total geschwitzt weil mein Backpack so schwer ist. Zum Glueck musste ich nicht drauf zahlen. Habe einige Anziehsachen weggeschmissen, daher frage ich mich, woher das Gewicht kommt. Sind wohl die ganzen Muscheln und Steine. Jaja ich sammel mir immer nen ganzen Strand an. =D Muss sein!

Jetzt heisst es Backpacker finden und am besten einen der eine FreePhoneNumber hat, da ich ja mobillos bin. Hab die SIM noch aber kein Guthaben mehr. Und dann in die Stadt und ich sag euch: DUSCHEN!! Das ist genau das was ich jetzt will.... noch besser waere es im Sommer auf der Suedinsel Neuseelands in einen Fluss springen - aber das geht ja jetzt nicht. =((( Oh schade, das dauert noch soooo lange bis ich wieder nach Neuseeland komme, wenn ueberhaupt.

Aber Sydney im dunkeln von oben hat auch was! Choice. Also auf Anna such ein Hostel und rein in die Stadt. CYA!

PS: Bis jetzt hab ich alle Aussies verstanden. Mal sehen wie stark das von den Kiwis differt. Hab gehoert die Aussies sind nochmal nen Schlag schlimmer - we'll see.

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